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Publications · Taming the monster. Article in Resilience. Journal of the Emergency Planning Society Summer 2016.

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“….At first, we had no protective clothing, no respirators, and no iodine tablets. Even for the first flight above the reactor, we were obliged to fly without protective clothing but in military uniform, with no gas masks or respirators and without first taking a potassium iodide tablet. Chaos reigned, there was indifference at all levels of management, which was out of its depth. Orders had to be followed or it would mean a Court Martial. The Supervisors and Commanders issued orders that were at times bordering on the idiotic. For example, one officer from the 122nd Mobile NBC Defense squad was obliged to climb up the staircase to the roof of the third reactor block to measure the level of radiation on the fourth ‘smoking’ block using a five-meters rod with a radiation dosimeter/indicator on the end….”

Chernobyl 30 years after PDF 

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