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· Individual and Collective HAZMAT CBRN training. Individual and Collective WMD non-proliferation study and training.
· Strategic Concept and Objectives of Chemical and Biological Defence andMain Components of Chemical and Biological Defence Strategies.
· Individual and Collective training for OPCW inspectors and headquarter staff.
· Individual and Collective specialized training for CBRN hazards mitigation activities.
· The Chernobyl clean-up operation. First-hand experience. Catastrophe development, its investigation and special missions related to it.
· Fukushima and Chernobyl. Similarities and differences.
· History of CW development, stockpiling, use and destruction. CWC implementation.
· Toxic chemical, biological and medical waste management and destruction technologies.


· Knowledge and Capacity Building in CBRN related Projects
· Toxic waste management and technologies.
· Strategic Concept and Objectives of Chemical and Biological Defence
· Simultaneous translation and high-level technical interpretation services Russian – English -Russian, Spanish – English, and French – English.


· Know-how technologies: disposal of toxic wastes;
· CBRN detection and monitoring, protection and decontamination equipment;
· CBRN Integrated Reconnaissance and analytical systems;
· Products, System Integration and Live Agent Testing methodology and Validation.