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CBRN Protection TCT is an independent company based in The Hague, the Netherlands. We offer advanced, comprehensive solutions in the area of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear protection to government agencies and security contractors, multinational corporations, international, European and non-government organizations, and international and European initiatives and projects in relation to CBRN issues and environment protection. Our strength lies in our broad,unique network of international partners who share a common vision of a world free of CBR threats.

CBRN Protection TCT operates in cooperation with partners is establishing closed cooperation with relevant organisations in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. The CBRN Protection TCT company was established in 2018 and uses its unique practical field experience in CBRN protection, international weapons inspection, emergency response, environment protection and toxic waste management as well as in the area of counter-terrorism. All of our technical and technological solutions are tailored and adapted to meet your needs and requirements; we will work with you to develop what you need.

In addition, CBRN Protection TCT provided highly specialized and professional translation and interpretation services in the area of WMD treaties, technical and technological documentation, scientific and research articles and patents, related to all aspects of CBRN issues (Russian – English - Russian, Spanish – English, French- English).

Meet Our Team

Radiological agents
The staff of CBRN Protection TCT with support of partners presents a vast array of skills and experience, covering all elements of the CBRN spectrum. Our operational staff has worked in environments contaminated by live Chemical, Biological and Radiological agents in laboratories and in the field for many years, and has extensive experience in understanding what Live-Agent CBR training brings to a responders and exactly what equipment and technology specifications are needed.

Our clients receive from us:

1. A broad, unique network of highly specialized professionals in the field of CBRN and toxic waste management.
2. The sum of decades of operational experience in supporting national and international organizations, projects, industry, research, defense and private companies.
3. In-depth scientific and technical expertise augmented by unique professional experience, such as high-profile national and international investigations of nuclear and radiological incidents, investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons, and toxic waste disposal technologies.
4. World-class training and testing facilities where live CBRN agents are safely handled for training purposes and equipment testing.
5. Highest level and scale interpretation and translation service based on the long term experience service in many international organizations and projects.